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Tortur-o-matic 2

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Tortur-o-matic 2

Tortur-o-matic 2

Bloody  Fun  Funny  Path  Stickman  

In 2018 the population is at a record high, and in a reflection of this, so is the crime rate. Prisons are full to capacity, and violence plagues the streets. The people pray for justice. The prayers are soon answered. A controversial new political party are voted in, and even more controversial bills and laws are passed. In 2019, capital punishment is brought back into force, and thousands of criminals pay for their misdemeanors, however slight. It is not enough though. Embittered by violence, the people demand more. They demand blood.... In 2021 the government unvails the ITM, the interactive torture machine. This maze of death kills the scum of the country slowly, painfully and without remorse. It is a huge success but...desperate for votes in the 2020 elections, the government decided to build a larger, more horrific toll of torture, pain and agonising death....The Labyrinth. Combining top-of-the-range military hardware, the latest plasma and ion technology and good old fashioned Sheffield steel, the Labyrinth is an instant success with voters. Theives and murderers are fed into the bowels of this device and the results aired live of TV for all to see. Now you can choose the fate of criminals in the ITM V2.0 - Codename: LABYRINTH

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