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Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap

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Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap

Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap

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The goal of this game is to build a squad of stronger Sports Heads, with 11 players that can beat your opponents strongest 11. You are dealt 5 cards at a time. The player chosen to go first, plays a card. The other player plays another card, and whichever has the higher score wins. Both players are then added to the winner's squad deck. BUT.... if you have a card of the same nationality as the one you played, you can double up beating the card you opponent plays even if individually they're of a lower value. You can only do this after the other player has gone. You can force a penalty shoot-out two ways: if you play a card of the same value as your opponent OR if you a card of the same nationality of your opponent (shineys also count for this). A penalty shoot-out can be a gamble. If it goes to penalties each player is drawn 3 random players from the deck. The player with the highest cumulative value takes ALL 8 cards for their squad.

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